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Please click on "Add Comment" to list a craftsperson / worker that does not fit into another category, that you have had personal experience with and would highly recommend.

A sample entry would look something like this;

"I would highly recommend George Butler. Mr. Butler has done a number of odd jobs for us and he is very professional. He does the work on time and is reliable to show up when he says he will. He keeps a clean work area and takes pride in his work. His prices are reasonable. You can reach Mr. Butler at 555-555-7777"


from JIM WILKINSON on 2017-05-01

From Mary Dunakey-

Pest Control, Termite Barrier, Bee Green, Henry Valbuena, 340 244-4553 was great.

from PAM ECKSTEIN on 2013-11-08

I have written a more lengthy recommendation for Ferdinand Isaac, nickname "Train", under the masonry category but just wanted to flag his extreme capability as a painter as well as a mason.  Each year before we re-open our St. Thomas bed and breakfast in the fall, Train goes through the entire property and sands, preps and paints beautifully and quickly.  I just would not have anyone else do the painting.  He works by the hour/day.  You provide the materials.  His number is 340-514-5448.

from JULIE NORTHUP [] on 2013-04-09

I highly recommend our own Jean Rutt for reupholstery.  The fabric on the pillows of our entire suite of rattan furniture (sofa, loveseat, chair, ottoman) was fast disintegrating.  Jean did a fantastic job working with fabric I had brought, even making a patchwork design so that she could stretch the fabric to cover every item, and for an extremely reasonable price.  586-202-9791.

from JULIE NORTHUP [] on 2013-04-09

Here is contact information for two St. Thomas men who have delivered bulky merchandise for us from Cost-u-Less or Home Depot to Charlotte Amalie or the ferry dock.  Both have been very reliable and negotiated reasonable prices.

Clyde:  473-6627 (Clyde has a truck and also says he does construction-type work as a prime or a sub, but I don't have any personal experience with that)

Lubin - 201-7832