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Please click on "Add Comment" to list a plumber that you have had personal experience with and would highly recommend.

A sample entry would look something like this;

"I would highly recommend George Butler. Mr. Butler has done a number of plumbing projects for us and he is very professional. He does the work on time and is reliable to show up when he says he will. He keeps a clean work area and takes pride in his work. His prices are reasonable. You can reach Mr. Butler at 555-555-7777"


from ROJAKO on 2014-05-31

If you are in need of new "vintage" plumbing parts, Dale Niles has many hard if not impossible to find anywhere else.  Address:  3649 Altona Welgunst.  To get to Dale's shop, go behind the cemetary.  Take the 2nd street to the left.  See the big mahogany tree.  Dale's shop is to the right of the big mahogany tree.  It is best to take the old part with you to ensure you find the match.  Dale's phone is 340-744-3373 at the shop.  cell phone 340-344-5417.  Dale also has a business "Carib Solar Tech" in case you're interested in solar installation.

from BETH MCCONNELL [] on 2013-04-06

I used a fellow by the name of Charles.  He lives on St Thomas.  His phone number is 340-227-2012.  He is a plumber and he also has a guy who does tile work.  He estimated the job for me, showed up when he said he would, charged what he estimated.  The repair worked!   You need to pick him uip at the ferry dock. I was very please.